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From Days to Years, can be watched and listened to on the website as well as on social media links.  We're creating a positive parenting lifestyle brand for moms. Each show will have one topic. The topics are real conversations by real moms about real life. Angie, her friends, and her guests talk about how the topic has shaped their momming experience. We aren't scripted. We go off topic, but always come back to the heart of what we want our moms to know. As Angie says, she wants moms to go from:

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel, subscribe to our coming soon newsletter, and follow us on social media to see what we're up to now. Grab your favorite beverage and watch us. Or listen to us on your morning commute, as you exercise, clean up around the house, or are at work. From Days to Years is a positive way to uplift and encourage your daily actions as a mom.


After or during the show send a comment.  Perhaps you have an idea for a show or want to write about your experience momming as it relates to one of the topics. All questions, comments, suggestions, and/or sharing your momming experience can be sent to 

The Shows

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